Market Information

The City of Nash, along with the entire Texarkana metro area, is experiencing unprecedented growth in population and economic strength. The Texarkana metropolitan area is strategically located, being halfway between Dallas and Little Rock, Arkansas, and with a trade area that encompasses four states and 18 counties. Forbes has ranked Texarkana as the second fastest growing metroplex in the United States. The Interstate 30 and Highway 59 (Future I-69) corridors provide nearly 500,000 consumers with easy access to the market. The area’s strategic location to the interstate highway system makes it a gateway to the entire United States and Mexico. In addition to Interstate 30 (Dallas to Little Rock), new Interstate highways are under construction – I-49 (to Shreveport and New Orleans) and I-69 (to Houston and the border area)  A number of area projects such as a new Interstate configuration for Interstate 30, a new campus for Texas A&M University at Texarkana, continued progress on Interstate’s 49 and 69, and numerous construction projects in retail and other commercial endeavors contribute to the area’s economic strength and growth. 

Market Area Demographics

As the City of Nash is part of the larger Texarkana metro area, our demographics and market area characteristics reflect that of the entire region. The Texarkana area encompasses a population of over 125,000 persons with nearly 450,000 persons within a 50-mile radius. The primary source of information regarding market area factors are from the Texarkana Area Chamber of Commerce.   Visit their page for detailed information regarding area demographics.

Labor Force data and other demographic information is available at Workforce Solutions of Northeast Texas. Additionally, the Workforce Solutions can assist with employee recruitment, hiring and training.


state mapThe City of Nash’s strategic location coupled with the economic programs offered by the Nash Industrial Development Corporation provides attractive opportunities for businesses wanting to take advantage of locating in the growing Texarkana bi-state area.

Nash’s competitive location advantages include an ideal location along I-30; convenient connections to Dallas, Little Rock, and Shreveport; reasonably priced improved industrial land; and an attractive community setting.

Distance and driving time is major metropolitan areas are:



Dallas (via I-30)         170 miles (2.45 hours)

Little Rock (via I-30)  140 miles (2.15 hours)

Shreveport (via I-49) 75 miles (1.5 hours)

Houston (via U.S. 59) 290 miles (5.5 hours)